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The sun is shining brightly, the temperature above normal, the box elder bugs are out en masse on the porch and garage, a squirrel gingerly paces in front of Dick along the driveway seemingly not too fearful, and the single rose bud is trying to open for one lingering glimpse of summer joys. It is definitely a beautiful October day here “just over the hilltop.”

Traveling back and forth to the bookstore this summer we have watched the road crew working its magic as they graded the roadsides in a perfect incline, chewed up and resurfaced the main road, and are now waiting for them to finish with the lines and break-down edge. I marvel at their ability which reminds me of my Dad and brother, who were both in the road construction business. I even love the smells that accompany this work. Diesel and gas fumes, burnt oil, hot tar, dusty dirt, and even sweat from the day’s laborers. What a pleasure to the senses as a plan for improvement comes to the roads we travel on. Thank you to all who work hard to make my life easier and blessed.

Another wedding

We have also had much rain, damp, and cool days and nights. One of them was Saturday evening when we attended the wedding of Andrew and Marah. This beautiful wedding took place under the stars which were hidden by the clouds that poured down rain making for a very romantic sound on the magically lit tent. I’m sure it was a little disappointing that the wedding had to be held inside the tent, but the goal was still met as the two of them were married. We were honored to share this special evening with them and wish them blessing upon blessing in their marriage.

he pushes through and still gets things done

Between the rainy days Dick was able to install two new windows along the front of the bookstore and one on the end of the store. The light coming in is glorious and bright and I’m grateful for Dick’s ability and dedication to repairs even though his shoulder is not completely healed. His range of motion is improving still and we are hopeful that in short time he will be able to use it completely again. In the meantime, he pushes through and still gets things done.

Thursday Dick went for a longed for ride with our son, Eric, delivering maple syrup to New Hampshire. He spent the long day in the tractor-trailer enjoying the time with Eric and the gorgeous scenery along the way. He said fourteen hours in the truck made for a sore backside, but he’d love to go again one day.

I guess one might think we never sleep.  But we do.

We have been busy with choir, Bible studies, writers’ group, and workshops at the bookstore. I guess one might think we never sleep. But we do. And when we do…..we sleep well.

I’m almost finished with the children’s program for Christmas and am looking forward to seeing how it will all come together. I just need to make their little choir songbooks and ask Dick or one of the men to build a cardboard hill with sheep painted on the front. This will be for hiding the shepherds and angels until they sing, speak, or act. I think we’ll have a grand time and hopefully the Christmas Pageant will be remembered as the most wonderful time of the ages when Jesus Christ was born.

Memory Lane

Does anyone remember when long distant calls were made after a certain time at night or on Sundays when the rate was cheaper? Karen reminded me of that when I talked with her Sunday after I told her that I’d just finished talking with Kate for forty minutes, Eric for an hour, my mom for twenty minutes and now her. That just left Eliot and Ethan to call but I didn’t get to them this time. Anyway, it is strange that I still tend to make calls to family, especially my mom, on Sundays even though the price doesn’t vary. Well, the old ad to “call home” still is better than the text, e-mail, or facebook message. I love hearing their voices. Actually, I have a recording of most of them on my answering machine, even a few of the grandchildren’s sweet little voices, just to hear if I need. Sentimental journey by old fashion phone calls. Yup, that’s what I like.

May you have a blessed week as you enjoy these glorious fall days and nights. Love, Sharon