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I turned the calendars yesterday! Today should be July fortieth but I need to catch up to the ninth of August so relented and flipped the calendars. The rest of the year will go too fast now that the calendar is correct. Oh well, Sharon. Get used to it. You can’t hold time back nor change the number of your days so, I welcome August 2016 into my life and will enjoy the time the rest of this month gives me.

We had some much coveted and needed rain Friday evening and the sound of it on the roof, against the windows, and running down the driveway was a joyous occasion. The thought of playing in it was considered but naturally the thunder and lightning kept me inside near the piano. And speaking of piano, I have had two more sessions with Sharon and her keyboard and we are going to play together for the offering this Sunday. I’m a little nervous and a lot excited! “It is Well with My Soul” is our first duet together.

Birds and Blueberries

Did I tell you about the hummingbird that has been floating about at the fuchsia on the porch? They are an amazing bird and such a delight to watch. Guess she likes the purple/pink flowers drifting in the air. Dick has repaired the birdbath, but I haven’ noticed anyone hanging around it yet. They probably got washed clean in the rainstorm!

Mr. Rutherford stopped by to visit me and how precious was that visit

I worked over at the Schoolhouse last week and also did some thinking there. I wanted to be in the building while trying to organize and solidify my ideas and direction. While I was there Mr. Rutherford stopped by to visit me and how precious was that visit. His blueberries are plentiful this year and I was able to get some later that day. His health seemed good and he still has his motorcycle. He told me to stop to see Arlene at the Amish stand on my way home because she wanted to talk with me. So, after checking in on and visiting with my neighbor, Judi, I headed home.

Goals revised

Reading through the paperwork and applications, rules, and regulations in the quiet of the schoolhouse, I concluded that maybe baking “in the schoolhouse” was not the best direction at this time. If the property sells, then I have no place to continue baking and would lose the ability to provide for other businesses or do farmers markets. Plus, we would only be selling the property, not any business we may have there. Having come to that conclusion, I headed home to talk with Dick about it, stopped to get some of Mr. Rutherford’s blueberries and see what Arlene wanted. We had a lovely visit and may be able to work something out between us in a business setting. When I think I know the path I’m going, God seems to change it up with different ideas, people, and circumstances. Glad I can trust Him and will keep moving forward.

when I think I know the path I’m going, God seems to change it up

How full a life is when surrounded by family and friends! Heidi called me the other day because she was missing Grandma Bastille. The way she says Bastille is so sweet and precious. I have Garrett’s voice on the answering machine, but not hers so maybe I’ll need to be gone one day when she calls. Or just not answer the phone right away, capturing her little voice, too. My friend Joan stopped for a porch visit the other morning. A couple hours can pass quickly while enjoying the outdoors along with conversation. And we have been visiting several others recently. Keith and Denise after church on Sunday for the afternoon, then Eric and Andrea and family that evening. We also wanted to take Jessika her birthday card and gift. It’s hard to believe she is now nine years old.

one glad morning when this life is o’er, I’ll fly away

Then last night we had supper with Joe and Susan and another couple at their house in Lisbon. Wonderful conversation, delicious food, and more interesting stories to be shared. On the way home while listening to and singing along with Jim Reeves “one glad morning when this life is o’er, I’ll fly away,” we were able to watch the Space Station going over. We could see it ahead and over us driving down County Route 35 along the fields. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Amazing nights

Of course watching the Space Station we could see the marvelous stars which reminded me of the night before. Dick had gone up on the hilltop to view the magnificent stars after getting home from Eric’s. It was around 11:00 and he was counting the meteors as they fell. He was watching for the fourth meteor when he heard the sound of hoofs (as loud as horses) and they were headed toward him. He clapped his hands and gave a shout as three deer went running by him only about twenty feet away. He wondered about coyotes following them for the deer were high-tailing it across the back yard, and decided not to wait for another meteor or possible coyotes. Later that night he could hear them howling and hoped they weren’t after the deer.

Wonderful life

Life in the country, a village, or even the city has wonderful opportunities, sights, and sounds to enjoy and hear. Though I see many, I know that I miss even more yet wonder and consider what great works our God has done. What an awesome God to have created and who continues to sustain this glorious universe. “How Great Thou Art.” And how grateful I am for my little corner of it here just over the hilltop in Norwood. Have a glorious week as you view the wonders around you! Love, Sharon