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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood and due to the excitement of the election, you probably didn’t even notice that I’m a week late. I worked the election in Norfolk and ended being up 22 hours that day so decided to put the journal off until Thursday. It was almost done when either I hit an obscure button or the computer acted up and I lost all that had been written that afternoon. I wanted to cry (due to lack of sleep and the frustration with the computer) but decided to wait and start again the next day. Well, as you can see, the next day didn’t go as planned so here I am: a week late and a dollar short.

So much has happened since my last correspondence so I’ll start with the most recent. Our fourteenth grandchild arrived safe and sound Saturday morning as a little girl. I love that no one knows ahead of the birth who is coming. Elsa Marie was born to Jami and Karen all 7 pounds 10 ounces of her and 20 inches long. She has dark hair like her big brother Garrett had and we look forward to meeting her over Thanksgiving. It sounds like Heidi wants to hold her all the time and Garrett keeps patting her head. Such a special blessing to this lovely family.

Elsa Marie was born to Jami and Karen all 7 pounds 10 ounces of her

With this warm weather, I have been enjoying the porch though still dealing with the box elder bugs. I’ll take the weather knowing that when the cold finally comes, the bugs will be gone. Most of the leaves have fallen or blown from the Norway maple and only a few stragglers are hanging on. Dick has started to rake some around the foundation of the house for insulation against the north and west winds, while the leaves from the front lawn were raked to the roadside for the village crew to pick up. I am very thankful for this wonderful village and the people who live here.

Guests and family

A couple of Sundays ago, we had two sisters (one from Virginia, the other Albany) stop by with their mom to inquire about our little bed and breakfast. Somehow one of the sisters had liked the facebook page and has been following my journal (Just over the Hilltop) on the blog page of the website and wanted to take a peek. My weekend guests had already left so as long as they didn’t mind that the room and kitchen weren’t back in order, I was delighted to show them. One never knows if a future guest is born from the friendly and unplanned visit. We ended up talking for over an hour and hopefully will see them again one day or maybe see their mom around the village.

We have a once a week guest coming for the rest of the school year at Clarkson, and Dick’s sister Barb came for a visit from southern New Hampshire. It had been almost a year since seeing her and a weekend together was just what they both needed. Saturday afternoon we went to Eric’s and Andrea’s for supper and so Barb could see their new home and how the nieces and nephews have grown! It is always bitter-sweet seeing family who live so far away but we treasure each and every opportunity we have sharing childhood memories and making new.

During the last two weeks Dick finished the job in Potsdam and is working on small projects around the house. We’ve had writers’ group, ladies luncheon, choir practice, my hair cut, and taken a drive to nowhere. I love just being with him doing absolutely nothing. Well, we do talk and dream and solve issues dear to us.

Election day

My experience as an electioneer was so interesting and informative. There is always someone who wants to be the first in line and our “first” was early and kept telling us to hurry up and open. He even claimed our clock was five minutes slow. We got everything ready and opened for him by 6 a.m. and he definitely was the first to cast his ballot.

Several things that stood out to me over the long hours was first how well and efficiently all of us worked together. Many of us were meeting for the first time and had just taken the class. Our site-coordinator was superb and handled the day with great professionalism. For much of the morning it seemed as if only the “old folks” were voting but by the afternoon young families began to come along and what a joy to watch them guide and instruct their children in this marvelous privilege we have in this country. They will hopefully grow up to be involved and be future voters. We also had about a dozen or so of first time voters who had recently turned eighteen. They were excited, though a little nervous of the procedure, which reminded me of my grandson Byron, who was also voting in his first general election.

They were excited, though a little nervous of the procedure of voting for the first time

Then we had a new American citizen voter who was such a pleasure to be able to welcome to our great country. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like. We also had wrong polling place voters that had to be rerouted and some “can’t find you” in the book voters that needed an affidavit. And I learned that there is a way to view your marked ballot before it is cast into the machine. That was amazing but one must request the procedure before the ballot is put into the voting machine. And I discovered that if you haven’t voted in an election in so many years, you are dropped from the voting register. So, be sure you are registered if it’s been a while since you last voted!

All in all, it was a magnificent day and I look forward to serving in future elections. Life in retirement is bringing new opportunities and adventures. I like my retirement days. Have a blessed week and remember not to let anxiety for tomorrow rob you of the joy of today. Love, Sharon