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It’s Tuesday and I’m home and on time! We are enjoying yet another hot and humid day just over the hilltop and the leaves are turning the landscape into a beautiful tapestry of oranges, yellow, and red. The sun seems to give a glistening glow to the green leaves as they sway in the gentle breeze today. Definitely my favorite time of the year!

Eric was able to help me with my computer and changed my photos from a number to a picture so hopefully now I can share more of this lovely area we call home. We have been in the North Country almost twenty-six years and it never looses its attraction to me. I have even grown to love the swamp areas with their distinct and subtle beauty as well as the magnificent sunsets and full moons. Having grown up in the green mountains of Vermont the sun dropped behind a mountain early hiding the distant horizon with its glorious sunsets. So, though I’ve seen so many since moving to the North Country, I never tire of them.

though I’ve seen so many since moving to the North C0untry, I never tire of them

Friday I missed/forgot to go to Maplewood to sing. I thought I had scheduled my baking day where I would take a break and head out to Canton. I was baking for the Norwood Autumn Festival in the park the next day but instead of stopping I kept the oven going and kept mixing one recipe after another thus forgetting the time. I was disappointed in myself but know that I can go again next month. I don’t like missing it as it is one of my special days each month.

I did end up baking four apple pies, a dozen strawberry tarts, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, lemon poppy seed muffins, and chocolate cupcakes with an almond butter cream frosting. The festival was great fun and I sold almost all of the baked goods. It was almost like old home day seeing so many neighbors and friends, and former musicians who played at the diner along with many beautiful classic cars. There was even a restored camper that was adorable. I look forward to more opportunities at events and/or farmers markets. It was good to be baking again!

Balloons in heaven

Saturday evening. Which was also the anniversary of Errin’s death, we went to the top of the hill behind our home, and sent him up a gold star-shaped balloon. (Dick says that I’m a gold star mom though not the same as in the military.) This year the wind took it due north in a very straight path and strangely without much rotating. Sometimes the balloons have spun around and around, zigzagging here and there, or risen so fast they disappeared quickly. This year we were able to enjoy its slow, steady rise to the north where no trees blocked the view. A very special was to remember Errin and just say, “Hi, we still think of you and will fly away to join you one day.” Now, whether or not the balloon ever reaches heaven’s shores, only God knows, but it sure helps me to have this visual picture.

We also had guest over the weekend and it was not stressful for they had been here before, coming to visit their sons at college. I like having repeat guests and continuing the conversations that never seem to be completed due to time commitments.

Sundays and porches

Sunday after church, stripping beds and starting laundry, having ice cream with several friends from church at the Hometown Cafe, and returning my display items to the schoolhouse, we went to Eric’s and Andrea’s for a visit and pizza. They had just come back from Brockville touring the tall ships and the grandchildren told us about their favorite one. Most agreed it was the biggest and was from Spain. It was a wonderful weekend.

it’s like sitting on a high hilltop at a distance from everything, so you can put it all in perspective

Evenings have found us sitting on the porch again as the day cools and the air is more breathable. Why is it that rocking on a porch or gazing at the ocean or a lake brings such calm and peace? It seems as though the cares of this world physically leave my shoulders and my body becomes relaxed (though I wasn’t aware it was tense) while at the same time my mind becomes quiet and undisturbed by schedules or the stresses of life. Dick says it’s like sitting on a high hilltop at a distance from everything, so you can put it all in perspective. Did I ever tell you just how much I love the porch? The plants and flowers add to that relaxation, bringing a lovely end to a busy day of activity. Thank you, Lord, for porches.

As we enter this season of “autumn leaves falling by the window,” may your busy days end in a quiet and peaceful place. Love always, Sharon