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“April love” is not just for the very young. I am oftentimes in awe of the thought that my love for Dick grows and grows and grows. How can it when it already fills my life?

Is it similar to the love for your first child: you can’t imagine having a place for more? Then lo and behold, there is more love to embrace the second child. And the third and so on. Does love really grow? In my experience it seems to and that love is not demanding, hopefully not suffocating, and one not dependent on others’ actions. I love just because. The month of April has a way of bringing forth a renewed and deepening love. Yes, “April love is for the very young” and also for those growing old.

Call of the train

Before the leaves fill the trees and in the quiet of the day, I can hear the rumble of the train coming round the bend and hear the call of the whistle blowing. It is very clear and loud this time of the year seemingly calling me to get on-board. My head sometimes thinks about the places the train could take me, but my heart is here at home. I’ve never been a traveler though I enjoy it when I do, and with the bed and breakfast other places can now come to me. We have guests coming the next few weeks from Illinois, Ontario, Florida, and western New York. I enjoy the outside world coming inside to my little corner of the world.

I enjoy the outside world coming inside to my little corner of the world

There were many activities that happened last week including writers’ group, the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon, an all day Ladies Retreat on Saturday, practice for a 60’s Variety Show, and lunch with Eric’s family at Ponderosa. My heart is full.

Yard and spring cleaning

As far as spring cleaning goes, our bedroom and the front porch are now done. I was able to wash the outside of the porch windows and doors in this beautiful weather. The key is washing them when the sun is not out or shining directly on them. It’s easier to see streaks but I had to return to a couple a spots after coming inside and looking out! Today I sat briefly on the porch with a cup of tea and a gardening book after raking two loads of leaves away from the house and dumping them at Leaf Mountain behind the barn. I’ll do a couple more loads later today as the urge to get at the yard has begun with the daffodils now blooming. You might think that was not a lot of leaves raked, but I’m not into overdoing anymore. I can take my time and build up those winter-rested muscles and strengthen softened hands.

Dick has been working steadily on his shed project. He has the footings, sill, and platform almost done. Such an amazing job and amazing energy. He is like Superman: keeping his abilities hidden until needed. Maybe it just seems that way to me because for years his customers benefited by his skill and I rarely saw it in action so I’m very impressed. Well, “standing in awe” is more like it.

Missions and Movies

Our oldest grandson, Byron, is in Haiti on a missions trip with his church youth group. I’m confident the experience and exposure to a different culture will enhance his already wonderful character. We are very glad he had this opportunity to serve others in a tangible way.

confident the experience and exposure to a different culture will enhance his already wonderful character

I talked with Ethan last night and his film, THE UNKNOWNS, has been booked for the Salmon Run Mall Theater in Watertown on Memorial Day for a matinee. This is the closest theater in our area that the distribution agency handling Ethan’s movie works with. The understanding is that one hundred pre-sold tickets are needed for the movie to actually be there. If we can’t reach that number, you will get your money back. I will get more details as soon as possible. The DVD will not be available until November. This is such an exciting time!

Well, I guess I’ll return to the yard work and bake the chilled molasses cookies to take to the workers at our voting place this evening. I’ll be back next week and in the meantime, enjoy April love knowing it is not just for the very young. Love, Sharon