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It’s another week just over the hilltop and what a week it has been. There were so many wonderful events happening that I hardly know where to begin. They say the beginning is the best place to start but today I am saving that until last. A special birthday.

So, I will start in the middle and tell you about sitting on the porch late at night watching the stars, the full moon, and listening to the frogs, especially the bull frog whose voice is so deep I wish he could sing in the choir. The night air is easier to breathe and reflecting on the days events are the topic of discussion as the first of the fireflies begin their evening ritual. I love the porch and it reminds me of an old tune by Gus Kahn with music by Frank Westphal: “When you come to the end of the day and the night calls your worries away, Do you ever watch the setting sun and dream of things that you might have done? Do you turn from your work with a smile? Do you feel that it’s all worth the while, as you dream the twilight hours away, When you come to the end of the day?”


Friday evening we hosted a dinner party for six and had a most wonderful time of both food and fellowship. Hughie and Sharon, Charlie and Sheree, and we talked well into the night and didn’t want the evening to end. I had asked each couple to bring a part of the meal which made the preparations easier on me, plus we got to try a fabulous dessert that Sharon had made. This is part of my personal plan or goal, to invite all that I can from church in the next year so we can get to know one another better. One of my favorite sayings is from Jesse Owen’s coach, “If we walk long enough and talk long enough maybe we’ll get to know one another.” Yup, walking and talking, that’s my goal.

Yup, walking and talking, that’s my goal

On Saturday afternoon we attended the marriage celebration of a former waitress at the diner, Sophie to Michael. We also saw several more waitresses and a soda jerk, Katie, Susan, Hannah, and Nathan. That was such a treat to catch up on their lives. Anyway, Sophie had come to like some of the music that I played over and over at the diner and had some of the old songs on her playlist. “What a Wonderful World” began to play and though no one had ventured to the dance floor as yet, Dick looked at me, held out his hand, and led me to the floor. We, at our age, no longer worry about others and like our dear friends, the Seymours, have no reservations about dancing alone. Mr. and Mrs. Seymour would get up and dance around the chairs at the diner just delighting in each other. So, Dick and I danced in a world of our own grateful for Sophie having put that song in the playlist. It truly is a wonderful world!

It is now Sunday and the annual church picnic was held to commemorate the ending of Sunday School classes for the summer. The highlight of the day was the annual kickball game between the children and the adults of all ages. There were some great catches, many foul kicks, and even some little punts from the two to four year olds. As they were guided to the bases I noticed that several adults had difficulty handling the ball, often overthrew the ball, or somehow fumbled, allowing the little ones to gain the bases. They were a hoot to watch. One father ran his little girl around the bases with a piggy back ride while another father helped one of his little twins and the mother helped the other one. Such joy to see so many young and old (I’d guess the oldest was almost eighty) playing and laughing together.

Buildings and Birthdays

Dick designed and built us a picnic table over the weekend. It is a design he’d been thinking about for many years and finally got to utilize it. It is beautiful and strong and comfortable. It has round edges on the table top and on the seats. It even has an arced top which is comfortable to sit at as well as talk to the person beside you. Right now the lumber is drying as it is very damp and heavy with the pressure treatment. He’ll then sand the edges and seal it. I am loving the looks of it and can hardly wait to use it in the upper garden area.

I may be alone but I’m not lonely!

Now back to the first and best of the week – my Mom’s 85th birthday. I knew I couldn’t be there on her birthday so that was another reason we had gone to Vermont two weekends ago. She has been a great example and a true inspiration to me in my some-odd years and still is to this day. She inspires in optimism, faith, and activity. To quote her, “I may be alone but I’m not lonely” as she continues to be busy and active in her life. A very “Happy Birthday” to my Mom.

Have a beautiful week and don’t forget to enjoy the cool of the evenings, with or without a porch! Love, Sharon