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The sun is shining just over the hilltop as I write a day early with the temperature in the teens and the wind coming out of the west. Lately several days have been like living in a snow globe world with flurries floating about as though they don’t care if they land anywhere or not. Snow globes are a world inside a glass bubble that seems safe and secure. But bubbles do break, the flurries can turn into a squall, and the natural elements are untamed. And we who live and/or drive here in the north country are well aware of the dangers of those squalls.

One happened Saturday night resulting in an accident two houses down from us. The beautiful flurries of the day suddenly turned into whiteouts and heavy snow, which was lovely to see from the inside but quite dangerous for travel. Two cars collided with one ending up perpendicular to the other thereby blocking traffic from both lanes. It was an hours wait as cars backed up waiting for rescue to arrive along with the fire truck and police, and then the tow trucks to take the cars away. The snow continued to fall as darkness settled over the accident. We have not heard about any injuries and pray that because of the road conditions along with the speed limit of 30 on our street, all might be well. We watched from the porch for a short while in the cold wintry mix but I grew up in a family that stayed out of the way so others could do their job. My Dad was a volunteer fireman and we were taught to keep away if you aren’t able to help. Thus we didn’t walk down to be nosy and though it crossed my mind – my early childhood training won out.

Writers’ and Books

Writers’ group started up again Thursday and it was great to get back together. We are a creative bunch of writers and laughter and intrigue were the top emotions for the night. I made apple and rhubarb pies to welcome everyone back and try to spoil them. Good times.

it needs to have its own identity and atmosphere

Friday Dick and I started cleaning and making room for the lumber over at the bookstore. One of the most difficult but necessary jobs was taking down all memories of the diner. This is an entirely new venture and it needs to have its own identity and atmosphere. The walls will be a new color, the shelving and layout different, and a comfortable spot for reading and writing. We are also planning on various workshops and classes.

Dick went to the men’s monthly breakfast at church Saturday morning, got a haircut, and of course checked out the library sale. He then sanded the lumber for the bookstore. The haircut was because we have a funeral tomorrow downstate for our daughter Kate’s father-in-law, Bill. Our thoughts and prayers have been with them as they walked through these last difficult months with Bill’s sickness which ended Friday morning. His battle is over and he is free of pain. Each of us will face that battle one day so it bids the question are we ready?

Travel time

Our “couch” trip took us to Norway this weekend as we learned of recipes popular in different areas through a cooking show. A friend loaned us this series when she heard of our desire to travel to other countries through programs designed to transport a non-traveler to worlds beyond their town or village. Having Norwegian heritage I loved the countryside views of farmlands, the fjords and sea, but I’ve never had a taste for seafood, so the recipes were not for me, though Dick was drooling over them. There are two more discs of recipes so maybe I’ll discover something for me as we continue our “couch” trip to Norway.

an internal peace which enables me to plant a tree, open a bookstore, take in guests

I’ve been collecting quotes of various topics by many people and sometimes they are inspiring, sometimes they are challenging. Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of our country and the quandary we seem to be in and these two thoughts came to me. “We can never make peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves” by the Dalai Lama and “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree” by Martin Luther. That inner peace only comes from faith in an invisible God Who loves us so much “He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16. I believed about 45 years ago, still believe, and because of that have an internal peace which enables me to plant a tree, open a bookstore, take in guests at the bed and breakfast, love my neighbor, or serve my wonderful husband knowing that all will be well.

May your week be like a snow globe: safe from fear, free from anger, and full of love, joy, and peace. Don’t let others or the happenings around you break your glass globe. Love to all, Sharon