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Hello from the beautiful sunny hilltop in Norwood. The weather on the last three days of the month indicate the next month’s weather pattern and if the old timers are right, August should be a month full of sun and slight breezes.

I took Saturday afternoon just to sit at the picnic table up on the hilltop, feel the gentle breeze caress the back of my neck under the Norway maple, watch the English blue bells do nothing but bring me joy, and listen to the occasional sound of the traffic on route 56. The birds were not making a peep that afternoon and I had to share the tabletop with many tiny ants scurrying about but that was not a problem. It is so peaceful up there.

feel the gentle breeze caress the back of my neck,watch the English blue bells do nothing but bring me joy

That afternoon I also cut back the dead lilies, hostas, and lilacs. The gardens are a little more presentable but far from being empty of weeds. The other morning the squirrel entertained us while he rotated a plucked mushroom around and around in his front paws and eating not only one but two huge mushrooms. I hadn’t realized squirrels ate mushrooms and I had wondered where they had gone. With so much rain this year, the mushrooms and the moss have expanded their territory. Anyway, the squirrel and his mushroom breakfast took place next to the huge geranium outside the kitchen window. He was fun entertainment!

Fun with food

Thursday the West Potsdam Retired Ladies met for their monthly luncheon at Eileen’s. Once again I want to say this is a high point of any month. The ladies are funny, know so many interesting stories, and numerous helpful hints on a range of topics. No need for self-help books when the neighborhood ladies get together. Maybe monthly luncheons can be the newest fad. It will improve your outlook on life, encourage your ability to host a meal, and help overcome shyness in conversation. Let’s begin to promote this!

It will improve your outlook on life, encourage your ability to host a meal, and help overcome shyness in conversation

That same day Dick ran an errand for a friend without asking too many questions. He figured all he needed to do was pick up the food order and bring it back to the church. When he got home I asked if there had been any frozen food or items that needed refrigeration. He informed me that he had put everything but the pineapples in the freezer. Now, I didn’t know what kinds of food he was picking up so I asked if there were canned items in the boxes, to which he answered, “yes.” I took a deep breath then asked did you put the cans in the freezer, too? “Yes, why? Will they explode?

I then asked him how many boxes did he bring back and had they been filled with differing items or was everyone’s the same? Needless to say, he went back to the church before anyone came to pick up their order, removed the cans from the freezer, and made sure they were in the right box. He said I could write about this incident and hopefully it would reinforce the fact that he is not an overseer being in charge of a project, but is best doing a job by himself that he is familiar with. Gotta love that man of mine! How we need each other in areas outside our expertise.

Reenacting history

This weekend we had a delightful guest who came to sing at the Civil War reenactment in Massena. When she came downstairs on Saturday in costume both Dick and I shed a memory tear. It took us back to the grand days when Ethan was reenacting and Kate was sewing period shirts for him and his friends. That evening Linda sat with us on the porch playing her mountain dulcimer while we sang period songs from the Civil War time. Such a special treat and walk down memory lane. She sings at various reenactments including WW1, War or 1812, Women of History, and many more. We were honored and blessed to have her as our guest here at the Rose of Sharon. She’s helping to keep history alive.

such a special treat and walk down memory lane

I’ve been thinking about …….. props. Do they hide or reveal someone’s character? I am most comfortable in an apron and in my kitchen. Am I hiding behind that apron or does it give me confidence to be myself? Is a guitar, clown suit, tattoo, tool belt, or even cell phone another prop? And do they hid or reveal? I’m not going to get deep and try to figure it out logically or psychiatrically, if that’s a word. It was just something I thought about because some people seem to be shy but when an instrument or prop is in their hands they become alive. When my apron is on I become alive. So to that end, I’m letting you know I am not hiding behind my apron. It least I don’t think I am. Another thought is sometimes the mask/prop reveals.

This journal is a day early and I might be needing to change my writing date with myself in a few weeks. Don’t worry. I’ll still be here once a week and who knows, it may be a good change. I’ll still be wearing my apron and sharing my life and thoughts with you, my family and friends. Have a great week. Love, Sharon