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Hello from just over the hilltop where the wind is howling and blowing the falling snow around and around in this seventeen-degree day in March. The road is quiet as schools are closed and people are staying in from the elements of our first real winter storm of the season.

I am trying to stay warm and plan on making broccoli cheddar soup with some baking powder biscuits for supper. That should warm up the kitchen some as the bitter wind causes that end of the house to be very cold. “When winter comes, spring is not far behind” is a quote I saw recently and is a good reminder that this too shall pass.


The past week was empty of extra activities and that was good for me. I’ve been thinking about and planning for, that is if I can convince Dick of the idea, a small enclosed raised bed vegetable garden. I don’t need or want a large garden but with the deer that intrude our little area, it would need to be enclosed. I like raised beds for I can then get good soil for the beds and not have to be on my hands and knees for weeding. Anyway, it seems like a good workable idea to me!

It’s hard to believe but our youngest son, Ethan just had his thirty-fifth birthday Saturday and I’m wondering if other parents marvel that their children really do get older. Well, I don’t feel old so maybe he isn’t either. Happy Birthday, Ethan!

candles brighten the dark days of the winter months and are a welcoming sight when we come home

With the time change I have begun to remove the candles from the windows to be stored in the attic until next Christmas season. The candles brighten the dark days of the winter months and are a welcoming sight when we come home, but it is time for them to come down. I’m ready to move on to the next season.

Sunday I was able to play at church alone. The organist was away and so this was the first time for me to play all the hymns plus the song for the Men’s Choir. This week they sang “Onward, Christian Soldiers.” Another favorite of mine, too. We also had bed and breakfast guests that evening who had been here before and were coming for their son’s senior recital at Crane. It is such a pleasure to practice hospitality and help guests when they need to travel afar.

Precious memories

I’ve been thinking ……… about one of my former customers and investors at Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner. It was actually a little strange because one morning last week I was thinking of her and facebook posted a memory of a glass of milk from four years ago. A smile and a few tears came to me as I remembered Mrs. Blodgett. She was an encourager and as with many of my customers, I also remember her by what she ordered: half a sandwich and a small glass of milk.

remember her by what she ordered: half a sandwich and a small glass of milk

A favorite response of hers when asked how she was was, “Vertical and ventilating.” I think she was a former nurse and that was a familiar phrase. But then she died unexpectedly, which hit both my staff and me pretty hard. She was also a regular at the Wednesday music night, so Sophie set her usual place with a small glass of milk in memory of her and we allowed ourselves to grieve her absence even while we enjoyed the great musicians. I think she would have approved and we took a picture of the milk which we put on the diner page. Sophie also had written this in honor of her:

One Small, Full Glass

“A small glass: just one.  A small glass of milk.  A small bit of happiness.

We tell ourselves, “There’s no use cryin’ over spilt milk.” We never think to cry over a full glass. A woman I knew recently passed away. It was a habit of hers to drink a small glass of milk when she went out to eat. One small, full glass of milk.

She lived one, perhaps small, but certainly full life. Although she is gone, and I’ll not see her again in this world; I’ll not cry. She lived her life well, and she wouldn’t want anyone to cry over a full glass.”

Why am I mentioning this? Only because we don’t know what tomorrow holds and so I want to be sure and hold today and the memories of past days close in my heart. “Precious memories how they linger. How they ever flood my soul. In the stillness of the midnight, precious sacred scenes unfold.” May we keep our precious memories close and live a small, full glass of milk life. Love always, Sharon