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“Will you marry me?” he asks this morning to my surprised delight. I answer quietly, “Yes, I’ll marry you.” Today makes the thirty-fifth proposal from the one who captured my heart all those years ago. I am still in awe that he not only remembers the date, but still wants me. And so we begin another year of walking and talking together looking for and bringing out the best in each other. How wonderfully blessed I have been.

I’m on schedule today for writing though behind in the season’s preparations. We have the decorated tree in place, the Christmas music fills the air, the candles glow in the windows, and a basket is overflowing with well wishes from family and friends. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll catch up a little as I purposely kept this week free from appointments and parties.

more optimism, more delight in life itself, and more joy in daily routines

Looking around the village and neighborhood, I see more lights, more decorations, more people seemingly happy in anticipation of Christmas, whether it be the birth of Christ or the giving from Santa. More optimism, more delight in life itself, and more joy in daily routines. I hope you are seeing it in your hometown, too. Isn’t it a wonderful time of the year? Now to carry it on throughout the next would be a magnificent goal.

Did I tell you that Ethan, our youngest son, was on the Price is Right Show honoring Veterans in November? He heard, “Ethan Morse, come on down,” but didn’t get up on stage. That’s okay because just having the opportunity could be exciting, and Ethan tends to make all things exciting. He has now joined the National Guard and will be attending OTS (officers training school) soon. He found that fighting, warrior spirit, along with the heart to serve and protect this country, was still very strong in his soul. Thus he re-upped. Our blessings are sent out to Ethan as he continues his life’s journey both in service to country and in film production.

Shovel and broom

Last week Dick was under the weather and lost his voice. I courageously thought I would help him by doing the shoveling and clearing off of the porch after Monday’s storm. Oh, it was a beautiful morning and the snow was light and fluffy. After shoveling the walkway and side steps, I decided to sweep the porch because the snow was so light. In my zeal, I swept and swept and swept. The problem was…..I was twisting while partially bent over. Even bending over to sweep down the front steps clearing a step at a time so I could step down and then clear the next step. I was so delighted with myself and my accomplishment in helping Dick.

so much for being proud of one’s stupid way of sweeping

That afternoon about four o’clock I suddenly was struck with a sharp pain and a seizing up of my lower back. It took me a while to connect the snow sweeping with my back, but I think that’s what did it. So now I couldn’t bend over and was in much pain but nevertheless we were able to laugh about two old, funny looking codgers, one without a voice and one without a back, trying to get anything done.

This happened on Tuesday and by Saturday the pain was gone and only soreness remained. I still am not standing up completely straight, but each day is better and better. So much for being proud of one’s stupid way of sweeping. Well. I didn’t think it stupid until four o’clock that day. So the lesson learned is to stand in the snow of an unswept step and sweep the one above you. I hope I remember that the next time Dick is sick.

Really retiring?

I played piano for the Children’s Christmas Pageant at church Sunday and they did a wonderful job. I even quietly played a solo for the offering time, using one of my favorite songs. It is a Scandinavian tune called “Now Shine a Thousand Candles Bright” and though it is not a familiar song to most, it is very beautiful and I was thrilled to play.

He says that he is really retiring the end of this year!

Dick is working in Canton this week trying to finish a rush job and working around the weather. He is putting in handicapped steps for someone using a cane and this should help her get to the level of her driveway and car. He is coming home quite cold and stiff so we appreciate any prayers for warmth and strength. He says that he really is retiring the end of this year. He will be seventy on Christmas and is ready to stop the hard labor and maybe just do painting or small repairs. Plus we’ll have the bookstore!

It is hard to choose my favorite part of Christmas, so I won’t ask you that question either. I think the best thing is making it simple and childlike. Delight in the lights, the carols, the decorations, the cookies and fudge, the puzzles and games, the movies and parties. Wow, that doesn’t sound very simple, does it? Probably the most wonderful thing though is sharing it with someone you love. And my someone just asked me to marry him again! Merry Christmas to my beloved family and friends from both of us here over the hilltop in Norwood. Love, Dick and Sharon