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When the days fly at jet speed and the accumulated miles/days run together and begin tripping over themselves; one must stop, straightened up the calendar, and start the regular routine again. The best thing about that flight is the marvelous and memorable memories it gave us.

Yes, the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, fun, and exhilarating exhaustion. It began with a delightful writers’ group with new chapters shared for books being written, with suggestions and corrections for devotional material, thoughtful essays and poetry of the anticipated springtime. Everyone is seemingly working overtime to get their projects and goals completed. That same day I had a special order for a maple cake with maple frosting, molasses and chocolate chip cookies. Got it done.

Five-fifty am on Easter Sunday found me at the sunrise service at the Haggett Farm. Though the sun wasn’t visible through the fog, the message of the celebration was. Christ is Risen. What a glorious reminder that Jesus had victory over death and our sin. Then following the regular service at church we left directly to travel south to Karen’s and Jami’s for a four-day excursion of work and play.

So much to do!

Time with six children under the age of six, cleaning, meals, putting up a 62 foot privacy fence, and creating special moments with the grandchildren were compressed into those four days. My baked macaroni and cheese was a requested supper, and haircuts for Garrett, Sam, and Karen. The first morning I had mentioned to the grandchildren that at various times Grandma would need helpers; sometimes one, sometimes two at a time.

Heidi (4) talked with me in the living room later to inquire what I had planned for the helpers. As I started listing some of my plans, she got a strange look on her face and quietly said, “That sounds like chores to me.” I laughed and said “You’re right. It does sound like chores but the chores are Mommy’s and Grandma’s chores and I’m asking you to be my helper when I do my chores.” I don’t think she was excited but she did help.

that sounds like chores to me

Garrett (6) and Sam (4) swept after breakfast each morning while I did my kitchen chores following Heidi, Elsa (2), and Emma (20 months) who cleared the table and brought me dirty dishes and cereal boxes to be put away. When the boys told me they were done, I asked them “Are you happy with the job you did? Your name is on this job and did you look around and under to be sure to get all crumbs and cheerios?” The first day I pointed out a few messed spots and each day they got better and better. Their name was on the sweeping and they were proud of their work.

Heidi helped me with washing kitchen and bathroom windows, sorting, folding, and putting laundry away, while Garrett helped his Dad mixing cement and putting it around the fence posts of the fence. He stayed with that project all afternoon and never complained or left to play. What a trooper he was.

little things can make a wonderful memory for children

In between our “chores” we read books, colored in new coloring books, built a tepee from the couch cushions, adding back rooms made from a laundry basket and empty box, made popcorn in the evenings to go with a movie, and when everyone was ready for bed Papa would bring out Lester, the bear puppet, for stories and then allowed the grandchildren to lie on the blow up mattress while he blew it up. They loved it and each morning rode the mattress back down to the floor. I love that little things can make a wonderful memory for children. Especially when they have thankful hearts. Oh, Heidi and I also straightened up the bookcase so the books were more accessible.

The cousins got along extremely well, with only minor issues, and I think part of that was because so much was going on. The weather was perfect for lunch picnics, blowing bubbles, swinging, and playing ball while the fence was being built and we all slept well at night. Jami’s father and two brothers came to help with the fence and Karen’s brother Eric made a surprise visit on Tuesday and helped with putting up the large panels. God gave us perfect weather and enough help to get the fence done.

Home again

We got home late Wednesday and went to work at the bookstore Thursday sore, but glad to have spent the time with family. Dick was still recovering from an emergency bathroom remodel at Maxfield’s prior to leaving for the fence job. But we are both doing well now. Elizabeth came again yesterday to help me deep clean the kitchen and the porch. We are gaining on spring cleaning and these two rooms were not quite as strenuous as moving the living room furniture. I am very grateful for nearby grandchildren, too.

When the days are so full and move rapidly, Dick and I laugh at our slow movements and rejoice that we can even do the things that we do. I pray your days are full and bring you much joy, too. Love, Sharon