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Hello from “just over the hilltop” in Norwood where the leaves are succumbing to the cold winds and along with the rain seem to be dropping like snow and covering the green grass making a blanket of warmth on a dreary afternoon. As I’ve said this is my favorite time of the year and my favorite month. The geese are squawking southward, the lawn has been mowed one last time, the deer are still hanging around the crab apple tree although they have eaten all the drops, and the flowers are just about dried and died until next spring.

I’ve had a note to tell you of a sign set at a corner advertising “rage ale.” I meant to take the camera but didn’t remember and now the sign is gone. Driving past that sign for much of the summer I began to wonder if rage sent one to ale with the goal to forget, or if the ale was the cause of one’s rage. I’m sure you have guessed that the sign had been broken, actually bent over on the left edge, and when in one piece would have informed anyone interested of a garage sale. Complete words are quite helpful and in this case the broken words though complete gave a completely different message.

Our grandson Sam wanted to talk with me on the phone the other day to tell he wanted to come visit us. I asked if he knew when he was coming, to which he replied, “Yes, when I get there.” So much for a four-year-old’s reasoning. Hopefully, he and the rest of his family will come for a visit soon.

Yes, when I get there

Dick is remodeling a bathroom for a customer in Potsdam and I am busy with the bookstore and the bed and breakfast. Actually that is in between the Friday night Old-Time Gospel Sing-A-long, West Potsdam Retired Ladies Luncheon (held yesterday here), and getting the church piano tuned, working in the church library, attending Bible studies, and getting ready for our weekend guests. If I’ve forgotten anything, I apologize.

I have also been reading some of my old writings from the Bastille Farm Journals of years ago and feel as though I’ve lost the ability to communicate on paper like I used to. I’m not depressed about it but desire to get back some of the succinct and encouraging words of those years. During the years of operating the diner I didn’t write. I guess the old adage of “use it or lose it” is proving true in my case.

the old adage of “use it or lose it” is proving true in my case

As I have been pondering how I might get some of it back and maybe even go on to improving, the thought occurred that maybe I’ll slip portions of those days into this journal praying that they would spark a return of that style and composure. I’m not sure I even want to ask for input, but I’d like to retrieve something good from those writings. So I guess I am asking that you bear with me while I “work on writing” again and offer any constructive suggestions. I’ll start next week. Thank you.

I pray you have a blessed week and that you continue to enjoy God’s handiwork around us. “What a mighty God we serve.” May He bless you, keep you, and guide you. Love, Sharon