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America just celebrated its 241st year of freedom and the atmosphere in the village was one of cheer and optimism. At least where I was standing and for those around me it was a glorious day. The weather perfect, the floats amazing, the brass band magnificent, several churches advertising their upcoming vacation Bible schools, and the many towns that sent their fire and rescue trucks, were cheered and thanked. This huge parade, that took an hour to pass by, also featured many local businesses and a few politicians. What I do miss is the local school bands but the Canadian Scots Band with their kilts and bagpipes made up for that.

Fireworks ended the Day of Independence festivities lighting up the eastern sky. Well, that was the way we were facing during the fireworks, and so completed a fun-filled patriotic day of pride and love for these United States. “A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.” George William Curtis. I use this quote because though I love my little hilltop piece of land in Norwood, the mountains and rivers of Vermont, and the pastures and fields of the farmland around me, I love the idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness most of all. May I ever be loyal to that.

Garden blooms

The dog days of summer have begun, the sun has revealed itself for three days in a row, and the temperatures have been quite comfortable. The day lilies are in abundance this year and the little red rose bush has five full blooms with several more waiting their turn to open. I don’t know if the oriental lilies will open, for their leaves have been eaten by some hungry or angry bug. Two more of the peonies did open making a total of ten. Now I look forward to next year’s blooming.

The piano at church has been tuned, which makes it sound so much better although once again I have keys not retuning to their original position so they can be played again. If they don’t respond soon, I’ll check with the tuner and see what may be causing the delay. I enjoy the sound of a newly tuned piano.

Dick has been busy helping prepare for Vacation Bible School as well as practicing the puppet show

Last week I had a class for review with the Board of Elections in preparation for the state and local voting this fall. The refresher course was much appreciated and helpful, for several questions arose from last year’s elections. Everyone is ready to go again.

We had lovely guests from Long Island over the weekend, a funeral on Saturday, visited with Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren Monday, had lunch with church friends on Sunday, and Dick has been busy helping prepare for Vacation Bible School as well as practicing the puppet show with Ditty, his Husky puppet. Busy, busy, busy. That seems to be us.

Yesterday Debbie from writer’s group, put my teachings from a cassette onto a CD so I can share them with the young moms at church. I may be teaching a class for mothers this fall and am getting excited about working with them. While Debbie and I waited for the information to transfer or copy, she taught me how to single crochet for making scarves and I taught her how to crochet with ribs for making hats. We had a wonderful afternoon sharing techniques and now I know another crochet pattern and can expand my projects using up ends of skeins. Or at least I can try.


I’ve been thinking …… July is such a wonderful month and of course many of you know that for me it is the longest month of the year. I love July and this year is no different. I was thinking that this might be the year I actually begin to look seriously for and finding that special Mustang convertible. Because I’m turning 67 this month I thought I might even be willing to get a ‘67 Mustang if one should cross my path. Oh, just thinking. Right price. Right color. Right timing. And yes, I know that the schoolhouse still needs to sell. But I’m not discouraged and am anticipating and praying or should that be praying and anticipating, good things to happen.

Happy month of July to you and May God continue to bless this beautiful country that we love. Love, Sharon