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Have you been getting as much rain and cool weather as we have the last few days? I think we had about two inches at our house but other areas had almost seven. The temperatures have cooled enough that I actually thought about turning on the furnace. But closing the windows, putting on a sweater, and baking is working just fine.

I had counted the geranium blossoms on the huge plant along the driveway the other day and counted twenty-eight open with another fourteen coming. After this rain, the geraniums are looking drenched, bowed down, and many have turned brown. I’m praying the sun will come out for a while and bring them back to life. I will need to deadhead all those now gone by but the plant should recover if the rains holds off a day or so. The report is more rain coming on Thursday.

Wednesday evening we attended a midweek concert at church performed by Andrew and John Eastmond. They are father and son and have a wonderful ministry of song, message, and prayer for anyone in need. This was my first time hearing them and the son’s guitar playing is amazing. What a gift and a blessing.

Grandchildren and Fun

Then on Thursday we went to Eric’s and Andrea’s to stay with the grandchildren while the parents made a trip to Pennsylvania and Vermont. We had a wonderful time basically walking and talking with the five little Morses and how they grow! One of our adventures was Friday morning when the three horses forged through the fence and were running around in the yard. Thankfully, they didn’t go in the road, but we needed to still round them up and put them in a new pasture. Matthew, Elizabeth, and Jessika along with Papa’s help got them around to the back yard and near the gate but couldn’t seem to get them into the pasture.

walking and talking with the five little Morses and how they grow!

I, who only like horses from a distance, went to help. Taking the bucket with some grain, I boldly walked up to one of the horses letting her eat a little grain then backed up some while she ate some grass. I waited patiently for her to come for more grain, I backed up, she grazed again, and this was our pattern until I was able to get into the pasture and her through the gate. I quickly dumped the rest of the grain on the ground and exited the pasture so the children could hook the gate again. Shaking, I went back into the house to finish getting everyone’s breakfast.

we put ice cream, caramel and/or maple syrup, and whipped cream on our pancakes and waffles

I had already prepared pancakes and waffles and had thought we’d have dessert for breakfast. That’s right: we put ice cream, caramel and/or maple syrup, and whipped cream on our waffles and pancakes and then ate a delicious breakfast. I also served watermelon and grapes on the side. It was very good and especially after an anxious time of rounding up three huge horses.

Papa and Matthew then went to some book and yard sales, finding a few used treasures including a hammer for Matthew and a beautiful book about horses for the girls. This was a special couple of days for us and it only took two days to recover. One thing I’ve noticed about being a grandparent: it takes longer to recover from all the activity and fun with the children but we do recover.

Stepping out

Saturday evening Dick and I decided to step out by ourselves from our regular activities, friends, and guests to have a date at Mama Lucia’s on the patio with dinner music featuring Andy Van Dyne. The weather was perfect, the music was perfect, dinner was perfect, and we were perfect. I’d say we had a perfect evening. Just the two of us with some favorite music played by a favorite musician. Andy even played the “Tennessee Waltz” but we stayed at our table this time because this venue didn’t seem to be right for dancing.

weather was perfect, the music was perfect, dinner was perfect, and we were perfect.  It was a perfect evening.

I will sign off for this week as I am dusting in high places meaning the ceilings and ceiling fans, crown molding, and window sills, while trying to prepare a teaching for a class for women, especially moms. And we have a musician coming this weekend who will be performing at the Civil War Encampment in Massena. We are looking forward to meeting her and discussing re-enactments remembering the days Ethan our youngest, was involved as a Civil War re-enactor.

Have a blessed week and I’m hopeful “the sun will come out tomorrow. I love ya, tomorrow! You’re only a day away.” Love, Sharon