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I’m in musical heaven right now, if there is such a place. I met Sharon last week at church and we got together today for two hours of playing together, her on the keyboard as an organ, and me on the piano. Hymn after hymn after hymn.

She also challenged me to learn playing from a duet book, which had way too many lines. I will need to cross out her lines so I can concentrate better on my part. It was glorious and I’m floating in musical heaven!

It was glorious and I’m floating in musical heaven

Hello from just over the hilltop where the days have been hot, humid, and hazy. The sunsets and cloud formations have been spectacular, and the moon, waning from full, casts its beauty throughout the nights. I love living in my little corner of the world and finding joy and pleasure in the things around me. One of my friends, Natalie, shares daily local pictures of her travels around the North Country and my appreciation of the natural habitat here grows each day. Blooming where you’re planted brings joy to those who look around with expectations of seasonal beauty. Thank you, Natalie.


Last Wednesday I attended a class on and for election monitors. I would love to serve in the upcoming elections if there is a need for me. I enjoyed the class and found it quite informative. Speaking of elections, our granddaughter, Alysa (age 12), just completed a classroom project on elections. By the sounds of it, she not only enjoyed the various parts of the class, such as: teaming up with others, writing speeches, making posters, debating, and so much more: she learned that buying votes, cheating, and untrue information happens even with classmates without adult help. She learned that you may like the ice cream (candidate) but not all the toppings (various issues), or one might like the toppings but not the flavor (personality) of the ice cream. What a great overview and learning experience this must have been. I thoroughly enjoyed her telling us about it and wished I’d had something similar when I was in school.

Ice cream and Ironing

Mentioning ice cream reminds me that July is a great ice cream month and so we took some to Eric’s on Sunday evening along with cones for a treat with him, Andrea, and the grandchildren. Matthew scooped the ice cream into the cones putting ginger snaps on top! Delicious for sure.

A couple of months ago we picked up a free ironing board on our way through Crogan and Dick was able to fix it so it now opens and closes. I was able to iron pillow cases, tablecloths, and napkins while watching some of the Republican Convention. Ironing brings a personal satisfaction of a clean, crisp, and no wrinkle article. I do like ironing. Anyway, one of the magnificent parts of the convention was the individual states’ roll call. If I had realized (this was actually my first interest in a convention and politics) just how interesting, informative, and inspiring the roll call would be, I’d have had my grandchildren watch and take notes for the following reasons. I know I’ve quoted this from Abraham Lincoln before, but I’ll repeat myself. “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.”

I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him

Pride was the first thing I noticed about each state’s delegates as they cheerfully acknowledged and identified their state. Yes, they were proud of where they lived and that pride seemed to be catching. They weren’t arrogant or high and mighty, but simply proud of their “place.” Second came the pride in natural or what-we-are-known-for products. A schoolroom of information of the fifty states and territories, given one by one with such enthusiasm and clarity. I felt a desire to visit each of these states, and you know I’m not a traveler, just to see for myself the land that brought the joy and pride they exhibited. Their states have a right to be proud of the delegates sent to represent them. Then I would reinforce to my grandchildren Mr. Lincoln’s quote to take pride in the place you live and live so your place becomes proud of you. Well done, delegates!

July is rolling on, but don’t forget, another reason I love July is because it lasts almost ten days longer for me. I don’t turn my calendar for a while and savor a long and joyful extension. See you next week! Love, Sharon