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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood. I am trying not to be angry or blow my top as I return here to the computer after it just shut down on it’s own and erased my first draft. I hadn’t saved it because this has not happened in a long while so I forgot to save while in the process of writing. I’ve been waiting until I finished the journal to save it. It is quite frustrating and discouraging because it seems my thoughts shut down with the computer and then it is harder to recreate what I had going. New thoughts don’t emerge right away so that’s why I’m rambling as I try to focus once again.

Did I tell you about the “angel of direction” we encountered when in Amsterdam a couple of weekends ago? We had the name of Kate’s and Chad’s church and the street address and figured we could find it the old-fashioned way of asking directions from people who lived in that town. By choice we don’t have a GPS or a working cell phone so we stopped at a corner market after getting into town. They had no idea of the church or the street. The cashier at the second stop had no clue either, but a customer, while paying for her coffee, heard our request and tried to give us the street names that would take us there. She took pity on my confused look, smiled, and said “follow me, I’ll take you to the church.” She weaved us through the traffic and one-way streets, slowing down and waving to us as we came to the church parking lot. She was our “angel of direction” sent by God to help us find our way. There are good and gracious people everywhere and I want to report on this sweet lady who took time and effort out of her Sunday morning to “get us to the church on time.” May God bless her abundantly.

she took pity on my confused look, smiled, and said, “follow me, I’ll take you to the church

We enjoyed a very busy Easter weekend starting Friday evening with the Good Friday service at church. That was followed by a twenty-four hour prayer vigil with Dick returning for the 1 am time slot and both of us going in for the 5 pm time. On Sunday we attended the 6 am Sunrise service at the Haggett Farm over on the River Road and then went to the Easter service at our church. Later that day we had Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren over for a pancake and French toast supper/brunch. I really was desiring the new Vermont maple syrup and grateful to share it with the family. Elizabeth was my waitress this time and she served the fruit cups, poured juices, delivered the main courses and then cleared the tables. It was fun working with her and next time it will be Jessika’s turn to waitress. My kitchen isn’t big enough for many at a time and it certainly is easier working one on one. Who knows but maybe one of the girls will work in a diner or fancy restaurant when they are older and Grandma will have helped with some initial training.

The yard and work

Dick’s work schedule is better this week as he is in a different building and doesn’t need to get to work so early in the day. He’s liking it much better and so am I. Why are changes oftentimes difficult to adapt to? Maybe it’s the age.

The sun is bright today though the temperature is cool. The daffodils are getting closer to blooming and the lilac buds are expanding. Dick finished raking the leaves from the gardens and around the house along with picking up all the down branches, The village crew picked up the debris yesterday. That is a wonderful springtime chore completed and each year it seems to be less work. I have been saving and making an indoor compost of chopped banana peels, crushed dried egg shells, and coffee grounds. I spread that on the upper garden the other day and am now collecting and saving more for the side garden. I am very excited watching and waiting to see what survived the winter. My gardening skills lack in talent but I do have enthusiasm. Here comes the spring!

I read the other day “the best way to make your dreams come true…….is to wake up.” Well, spring is waking up and I’m dreaming of a wonderful and fruitful year. I’ll share my goals and dreams another time for there is also hard work in making some dreams come true, so it’s off to work I go. “Heigh-ho!” Have a beautiful week. Love, Sharon