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Hello from your friend just over the hilltop in Norwood. I am soaking up the beautiful warm days with visits to the porch, swinging on the hill watching the sun go down, and preparing for a visit from our daughter Karen and her family this weekend. We will have a family picnic (family that is…

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Robert Frost wrote in his poem “Mending Wall” that “good fences make good neighbors.” I was reminded of this poem today while talking with my neighbor over the cedar post fence along our side garden. We chatted about the cool weather, the fragrant lilacs, and the glaring tin roof next door that was reflecting the…

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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood where the sun is bright but the air is cool. This is a quick change as it has been quite hot and humid during the start of September. Isn’t it interesting that Mr. Whitney’s “prediction” of these last three months were quite accurate and we’ve had some…

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